The Vegan Fit Body Design Guide

  • The Vegan Fit Body Design Guide will guide you to your goals. You will learn how to understand your body’s needs and reach your fitness/health goals, successfully.


  • RELENTLESS combines strength and endurance training to promote athleticism and aesthetics.
    • **Program not for BEGINNERS**
    • **Prior weight training experience required**

8 Week Home Trainer

  • Over 8 weeks, you will be consistently challenged to become stronger physically & mentally and to push pass your barrier
    • **This program does not require a training facility/gym**
    • **Program includes 1 (one) page of Nutrition tips**

12 Week Fitness Challenge

  • Intense training program designed to improve your strength, endurance, and physique, by increasing in difficulty every 3 weeks.  

The Vegan Bulk Guide

  • Simple how-to guide to gaining muscle as a Vegan

9 Week Leg & Glutes

  • 9 weeks of progressive workouts for glutes, legs, and core, which will tone, tighten, and strengthen your muscles. A training facility/gym is recommended to complete this program. Meal plan IS NOT INCLUDED.

Build Your Body 12 Week Training Program

  • This program requires a gym or training facility and a meal plan IS NOT INCLUDED.     This program is a full body conditioning training plan designed to transform your body. This guide is designed for anyone of any fitness level. Over 12 week period, this program will guide you to improve your strength, endurance, and physique, thoroughly, while learning how to properly execute each exercise and workout by using the video hashtag system.  

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